Gummy for Multi-Platform User Interface Designs: Shape me, Multiply me, Fix me, Use me

Jan Meskens, Jo Vermeulen, Kris Luyten and Karin Coninx.
Presented by
Jan Meskens
Acceptance statistics
[~27% acceptance; 117 submissions]

In Proceedings of AVI 2008, the Working Conference on Advanced Visual Interfaces, Napoli, Italy, May 28-30, 2008, ACM Press, ISBN:0-978-60558-141-5, pp. 233-240.


Designers still often create a specific user interface for every target platform they wish to support, which is time-consuming and error-prone. The need for a multi-platform user interface design approach that designers feel comfortable with increases as people expect their applications and data to go where they go. We present Gummy, a multi-platform graphical user interface builder that can generate an initial design for a new platform by adapting and combining features of existing user interfaces created for the same application. Our approach makes it easy to target new platforms and keep all user interfaces consistent without requiring designers to considerably change their work practice.



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