The Office Smartwatch – Development and Design of a Smartwatch App to Digitally Augment Interactions in an Office Environment

Yannick Bernaerts, Matthias Druwé, Sebastiaan Steensels, Jo Vermeulen, and Johannes Schöning.

In DIS '14 Adjunct Proceedings — Provocations and Works-in-Progress, Vancouver, Canada, June 21-25, 2014, 4 pages.
[~36% acceptance; ~66 submissions]


In office spaces, a rich set of different interactions between humans happens. Nowadays, office employees also interact with various analog and digital devices in the office. Often, both interactions are quite short-term, and due to the complexity of the office environment, it is often a challenge for employees to keep track of their actions and tasks. We think that the office environment opens up an interesting space to utilize smartwatches to support and digitally augment interactions. In this paper, we describe the design and development of a smartwatch application to support basic interactions in an office context. We envision how a smartwatch can be used in different ways to digitally augment interactions that are commonly performed in an office environment. For example, our application allows one to physically and virtually lock and unlock doors, to acquire room information and to send virtual knocks with an app running on the watch.