Here's a collection of simple scripts and configuration files that I created, which might be useful to others.

CHI Extended Abstract Format Citation Style

I created a Citation Style Language style for the SIGCHI Extended Abstract Format, which can be used with tools such as Zotero, Mendeley or Papers. Also available from the Zotero Style Repository.

Download the latest version: CSL file


Facade is a small program that tries to determine a user's presence using a webcam and face detection with OpenCV. If no face has been detected for a certain period (e.g. 10 seconds), it assumes the user is away from their desk (or at least not paying attention to the screen). Facade has a custom status icon that pops up notification bubbles whenever a presence change occurs and also adjusts the user's IM status accordingly by connecting to Pidgin's D-Bus interface.


VibrantInk is a fairly popular color scheme for the Vim editor, ported from Justin Palmer's VibrantInk color scheme for TextMate. VibrantInk is a dark color scheme that is very well suited for editing Ruby and Python source files. It also works on 256 color terminals.


I maintain a repository of my UNIX configuration files ("dot-files"), such as .vimrc, .inputrc, .emacs, .wgetrc on Github.


PydgetRFID is a simple Python front-end to the Phidgets Inc. RFID reader. It wraps libphidgets with ctypes to communicate with the hardware. PydgetRFID consists of a D-Bus service that allows other applications (written in any language with D-Bus bindings) to use the hardware. It allows to start and stop reading, and emits a signal whenever a new tag is read. It also includes a simple GUI (built with PyGTK) that communicates with the D-Bus service.