I had the pleasure of co-supervising several undergraduate and graduate students in HCI-related theses and internships while at Hasselt University and the University of Birmingham.

University of Birmingham

Master's Theses

  • Alexandros Stylianidis: Improving Learnability and Discoverability of Cross-Device Interactions (2015)
  • Adhi Wicaksono: Developing a Mobile Application to Promote Implementation Intentions as Triggers for Building Habits (2015)
  • Yunhao Wei: Investigating the Feasibility of Detecting Mobile Video Highlights using Wrist-Worn Heart Rate Sensors (2015)
  • Yan Yan: Using Peripheral Floor Visualizations to Improve the Learnability of Cross-Device Interactions (2015)

Mini Projects

  • Yunhao Wei: Investigating Experiences with Wearable Activity Trackers to Promote a Healthier Lifestyle (2015)

Hasselt University

Master's Theses

  • Matthias Druwé: Intelligibility of Multi-Device Interaction with Public Displays (2015)
  • Pieter De Decker: Designing Intelligible Visualizations To Accommodate Mid-Air Gesture Input (2014)
  • Marnic Neven: Using Sensors to Improve Safety in Medical Labs (2013).
  • Gert Vos: Exploring the Concept of Feedforward in Ubicomp (2012).
  • Marijke Vandermaesen: Providing Guidance for Laboratory Activities in Medical Research Labs (2012).
  • Steven Houben: Activity Theory Applied to the Desktop Metaphor (2011).
  • Jens Penny: Configuration of Ubicomp Environments through Demonstration (2011).
  • Tijl Lathouwers: A User Interface Metadata Layer to Support Intelligent Adaptation (2008).
  • Neal Robben: Composable and Splittable User Interfaces for Distributed Device Federations (2008).
  • Jan Meskens: A Graphical Design tool for Multi-Device User Interfaces based on UIML (2007).
  • Ruben Thys: Augmented Physical Objects Driven by Semantic Web Technology to Bridge the Gap Between the Digital and Physical World (2007).
  • Rob Van Roey: Multimodal interfaces on mobile devices: mangling speech and graphical interaction (2007).

Bachelor's Theses

  • Linsey Raymaekers: The Augmented Piano (2013).
  • Wim Vastmans: The Flashlight Metaphor: Combining Mobile Phones and Pico Projectors (2012).
  • Kristof Bamps: Detecting the User’s Presence using Sensors (2008).
  • Bram Bonné: A Multi-Device Presence Agent (2008).
  • Marnic Neven: Multi-Player Mobile Phone Games on Big Screens (2008).
  • Ingo Berben: Flexible User Interface Behavior in (2007).
  • Peter Bollen: A Location-Based Instant Messenger using Voice Chat (2007).
  • Geert Olaerts: Real-World Interaction using Camera-Equipped Devices (2007).
  • Jan Meskens: Towards a generic template mechanism for UIML (2006).

Research Internships

  • Steven Houben: Co-Activity Manager: Integrating Activity-Based Collaboration into the Desktop Interface (2011).
  • Jonathan Slenders: Making the Invisible Computer Visible (2009).

Student Jobs

  • Linsey Raymaekers: The Augmented Piano (2013).
  • Stijn Brouwers and Tom Cuypers: Extending a mobile guide with photo blogging and photo stitching (2005).